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Matthew Squaire, Podcast and Radio host, BA and BS degrees in Mass Media and Political Science.

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Strangely Explored Lands...

Halo Wars 2 Co-Op Review

Early on in Halo Wars 2, I kept getting the feeling that I had lived this all before in an almost dream-like way. I played through campaign mission after mission, trying to shake the feeling and find my 'Ah-ha!' moment that would set the game apart, letting me tell my friends and associates of the special moments I wanted to share with...

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Sales on the best of Xbox Games

Xbox Spring Cleaning

If you are looking to add to your Xbox collection both for Xbox One and Xbox 360, look no further than Microsoft's massive sale on Xbox games. Major Nelson posted today on his website the sale, which includes some of the very best for Co-Op including Gears of War 4, Rayman Legends, Borderlands the Handsome Collection and many more. If playing games without friends is something you are more interested in, the sale has you covered, including multiple Assassin's Creed titles, I am Bread, Far Cry 4 and many more.

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