HyperX Alloy Origins Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switches Review - Page 2

As I mentioned in my Aqua switches version review earlier this year, HyperX switches are the best-feeling switches I’ve used to date. All HyperX switches have a 1.8mm actuation point, a 3.8mm total travel distance, and are rated for 80 million keypresses before loss of quality (compared to Cherry MX’s standards of a 2mm actuation point, total travel distance of 4mm, and rated lifespan of 50 million keystrokes per key). As I said before, I’m not sure if it’s the actuation point, the travel distance, or the added durability, but HyperX switches just feel crisper and more responsive.

Like the Alloy Origins keyboards before it, this version with HyperX blue switches is fantastic. It provides a winning combo of aesthetically pleasing form (certainly assisted by its use of exposed DIP LEDs to display brighter external lighting) and outstanding functional performance. It’s also not a question about which is better between red, aqua, and blue switch versions - all are equally good, with it coming down to your personal needs. The blue switches provide the best feedback in both tactile and audible terms, but if you share a work or gaming space with someone who can’t bear the sound, aqua switches may be more considerate. On the other hand, you might really benefit from red switches to make your double jumps easier to pull off in your favorite game.

The HyperX Alloy Origins Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switches gets a 5 out of 5 from me. The Alloy Origins is still my favorite keyboard to date and the addition of the blue switches version comprehensively completes a collection from which gamers can pick the version that suits them best. I can’t recommend this series highly enough.


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