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Developer Cancels Turok 2, Lays Off 70 Workers
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Developer Cancels Turok 2, Lays Off 70 Workers

Propaganda Games, the Disney Interactive-owned developer of two-player co-op shooter Turok, has confirmed the layoff of 70 employees, which it cites is directly related to the recent cancellation of a Turok sequel.

While Turok (2008) received mixed acclaim, it strived to offer at least some co-op content. Toward the end of last year -- when so many games were offering incredible co-op support -- the lack of a full co-op campaign would have been a very sour note, but in its release window, Turok was a bit of an oasis for those of us who don't face bosses alone.

Edge Online bears the grim news this week. Thankfully, the studio has not completely closed, but layoffs are always a tragedy nonetheless. Goodbye for now, Turok...and good luck to the talented people at Propaganda Games who were let go.

Source: Edge-online.com