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HyperX Cloud II Wireless + 7.1 Headset Review - Page 2

Prior to getting this review unit, I was using my Cloud Flight on pretty much a daily basis for work. I love my Cloud Flight, but now plan to dedicate it to my PS4 because I like the Cloud II Wireless even better. There’s nothing about the Cloud II Wireless that’s a massive improvement over the Cloud Flight; it’s mostly a bunch of small quality-of-life improvements that suit my personal usage for wireless headsets (work). The Cloud Flight has 3 lighting settings for its earcup logos: solid lighting, slow breathing, or lighting turned off. Since lighting effects are a drain on the battery, I always opted for the “lighting off” option to get the longest charge duration; however, this required 3 taps of the button: 1) turning the headset on (defaults to solid lighting), 2) tap to switch to slow breathing lighting, 3) tap to switch to lighting off. This wasn’t an unreasonable burden, but not having to worry about that at all for the Cloud II Wireless is appreciated.

Second, as mentioned above, I really appreciate the status/charging indicator. It makes it easy to see at a glance when it’s time to recharge the headset or when the headset is done charging. Finally, the distance I can go away from the USB dongle receiver is definitely further with the Cloud II Wireless. I can cross my apartment without the sound breaking up at all, which wasn’t the case for the Cloud Flight.

Perhaps the only “downside” to the Cloud II Wireless (compared to the Flight) is that it looks even fancier than the Cloud Flight. I was already the only person in my immediate work circle using an expensive headset during work calls - now I probably look even more pretentious or esoteric. But I don’t mind: the comfort and quality is worth it. On a more serious note, one thing to note is that the Cloud II Wireless does not have swiveling earcups to lay flat against the collarbone when the headset is pulled around the neck (the Flight does). This isn’t something that bothers me, as when I’m not using my wireless headsets at work, I put them on my desk; however, I can see how this detail would be important to some users.

Mute-mic light on (see red light by pop filter)

The Cloud II Wireless costs about $150, which is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but what you’re getting is more than fair for the price. This is a wireless headset that ticks all the boxes for me: extreme comfort, high quality input and output, long battery life, and reliable performance. The Cloud Flight is about $10 cheaper at $140, making it an excellent option for those who want some more lighting effects or a swiveling earcup and don’t expect to want surround sound. I’m lucky enough that I’ll be able to continue to use both, but the Cloud II Wireless will now become a daily staple in my workday.