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Smoothcade, a Bubble Bobble-style Platformer, Announced for Consoles and PC
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Smoothcade, a Bubble Bobble-style Platformer, Announced for Consoles and PC

Prepare to have a smooth time in this upcoming co-op platformer.

Single-screen platformers like Bubble Bobble and Snow Bros. aren't very common nowadays. 2Awesome Studio aims to fix that with their upcoming game, Smoothcade. The colorful "clear the screen" platformer will support 4-player local co-op in multiple game modes, and it's coming to all major platforms sometime this year.

Smoothcade is a Bubble Bobble clone starring a wide variety of cloud-spitting critters. After capturing enemies in clouds, players must pop the clouds to defeat the baddies. Yeah, it sounds familiar, but also fun! Plus: only Smoothcade lets you play as a sheep in a wheelchair. What more do you need to know?


The game will offer a whopping five modes:

  • Story mode: A 100-level story, with three difficulty settings, on finding the missing golden blender!
  • Battle mode: Collect the most fruit to win! A party-style game mode for 2 to 4 players. Play on procedurally generated levels for new fast-paced fun!
  • Endless Mode: With only four lives, survive procedurally generated levels that increase in difficulty!
  • Speed Run: Beat the clock and adventure through a selected world of ten levels.
  • Replay: Play and practice any level for fun and try to earn 3-stars!

Story, Endless, and Replay all support 4-player local co-op. The competitive Battle Mode supports 2-4 players, and Speed Run is single-player.


Additionally, Smoothcade boasts some smooth features:

  • Capture & Karma System: Spit cloudies to capture critters and pop them away! You can even jump on cloudies to reach new heights! Swap between Mayhem and Mercy cloudies to earn special bonus items!
  • Unlockable characters: Play as 1 of 16 wacky and adorable characters, each with a unique skill set!
  • Unique Boss Fights: Challenge ten unique critters in a battle – each inspired by a fruit!
  • Unlockable Game Modes: Become a Smoothcade pro and unlock game modes such as Boss Rush and a “no continue” intense mode.
  • Accessibility: Outline players, enemies, objects, dim backgrounds, set auto-attack, and more!

The only thing about Smoothcade that doesn't sound smooth is the title. What does it mean? I don't know, but I'm still eager to play the game!

Smoothcade will arrive on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and Steam sometime in 2022.