Extra Life 2022 Game Day Starts Now
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Extra Life 2022 Game Day Starts Now

Playing games and raising donations For The Kids!

Today is the annual Extra Life Game Day celebration, so we'll be spending all day raising donations and playing games. We're streaming on our Twitch channel, so stop by and chat with us. More importantly, shoot us a donation! Sixty-two children enter a Children's Miracle Network Hospital every minute seeking quality medical care for all sorts of illnesses, injuries and birth defects. Your donations help to treat these kids and to get them back to just being healthy kids again.

As of this morning, we've raised $1,076 of our $2,000 goal. Not too shabby! Help us reach our goal today by heading to our team page and making a donation on one of our members' pages. Donations of any amount are appreciated, and we'll even give you a shout out on our stream. We hope to see you in our Twitch chat today!