Goons: Legends & Mayhem

  • Online Co-Op: 3 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 3 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
  • + Combo Co-Op
Goons: Legends and Mayhem Is a Magical Co-op Hockey Game for Consoles and PC
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Goons: Legends and Mayhem Is a Magical Co-op Hockey Game for Consoles and PC

Hit the ice as wizards and warriors in this arcade-style hockey game with 3-player co-op.

Cooperative sports games are almost as rare as unicorns, but they do happen from time to time. Goons: Legends and Mayhem from RageCure Games and Firestoke is one such game, an arcade-style hockey game that happens to support 3-player local co-op and online co-op (and even combinations of local and online players). That's special enough on its own, but the game also has a fantasy theme to make it even more unique. It's now available on current-gen consoles and Steam.

Goons: Legends and Mayhem Xbox

Goons starts with a lengthy single-player tutorial level that establishes the campaign's plot (save the land from the Grand Mascoteer) and teaches the gameplay. In this tutorial, the player will control a wizened male wizard and a younger female sorceress. They'll skate through a large and mazelike level, collecting coins for the shop, fighting bad guys, learning and casting spells, and solving simple switch puzzles. It's a shame that the campaign itself doesn't support co-op, but the combination of hockey-based gameplay with levels and bad guys to fight is quite enjoyable even as a solo player.

Goons: Legends and Mayhem Xbox

After clearing the tutorial, the gamer arrives in a hub world that leads to the locker room for character selection and customization, the matchmaking arena for local and online multiplayer games, the shop for unlocking new characters and abilities, and campaign levels. You navigate this expansive hub in a zamboni-like vehicle.

The multiplayer menu allows games to be set up in 2v2 or 3v3 combinations. These games can be made up of any combination of local players, online players, and bots. That means that 2 local players and one online player can team up against a set of three bots, two players can battle against two bots, and so on. Arena hazards and magic powers can be toggled on or off, which should be good when players crave a more serious game.

Goons: Legends and Mayhem Xbox

Goons features:

1-6 player action: Team up with another player in 2v2 hockey encounters against a single goaltender, or in a classic 3v3 mode to unleash full chaos
A bunch of characters: Choose characters from the Sharpshooter (attack), Enforcer (defense), or Wingman (support) classes. Each character features their own abilities and unique traits allowing for long-lasting replayability.
Multiplayer: Choose from local co-op, online with friends, or even multiplayer with complete randos!
Relentless goaltenders: Other players are not your only worry here, goalies will also do their best to ruin your best plays whenever possible. Be it long-range attacks, vicious mortar attacks, or melee charges, no expense is spared protecting the net.
Exciting realms: Goons offers a variety of environments to wreck your friends in, from the chilled coasts of a once-booming fish market, to the mythical realm of wizardry and legends. Each environment has its own special mechanics, environmental hazards, and goaltender to defeat.
Story mode: Progress through the stages, unlock new characters, and investigate the turmoil that's wreaking havoc on this unique hockey universe!
Unlockables: Delve into a levelling system that allows you to customise your experience through emote stickers and character skins. Play matches, earn currency, visit shops, and treat yourself to a shopping spree!

While I've only played a little bit of Goons so far, I am already impressed with the levels of its story mode, the arcade-style gameplay, and excellent co-op/multiplayer options. Arcade sports fans will definitely want to give this one a shot.

Goons: Legends and Mayhem costs $19.99 on Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 5, and Steam. A Switch version will be released later this year.