Co-Optimus - News - Action-Tower Defense Game 'VooDolls' Coming to Steam in April, Closed Beta Starts Soon


  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Action-Tower Defense Game 'VooDolls' Coming to Steam in April, Closed Beta Starts Soon
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Action-Tower Defense Game 'VooDolls' Coming to Steam in April, Closed Beta Starts Soon

Sign up to test your tower defense might ahead of the game's full release.

Tower defense games are fun enough, but things really heat up when players get to hop into the action instead of just commanding from the sidelines. We'll be seeing plenty of action in VooDolls, an upcoming Steam game from French developer SideRift and Tate Multimedia. Up to four online players will team up as voodoo dolls who have to defend a mysterious Puppet Master from hordes of demonic baddies. The game won't be out until April, but players can sign up for a closed beta that will run from January 19-23.


The full game of Voodolls will include:

  • Synergy between action, exploration and strategic Tower Defense mechanics, including an array of traps and defenses to hold back the hordes of hell.

  • Round planets – stylized and unique worlds each themed by the four seasons.

  • Team of four characters, each with unique abilities, weapons, and battle tactics.

  • Solo or online co-op up to four players - Defend the Puppet Master alongside three friends in full campaign co-op or tackle the task alone in solo play!​

  • Story-based campaign - Peel back the layers of mystery to uncover the secrets of the puppet master & the dolls​.

  • Three camera angles - Face your foes in immersive first-person mode or take a step back in third-person. Make tactical choices from above in the strategy camera mode: three modes, and three different approaches in one game.

  • Extensive replayability.

  • Many types of enemies to take on.

  • Plenty of deadly traps to defend the Puppet master from the hordes of hell.

Voodolls takes place on 12 different planetoids. What makes this interesting is the spherical environments. Players will have to build and fight on these tiny worlds. Will it be hard to manage defenses in such uniquely presented locales? The choice of first-person and zoomed in or zoomed out third-person perspectives should help. We'll find out when the game launches in a few months - unless we get into that closed beta.

The Voodolls closed beta runs from January 19-23. Sign up here. The full game is scheduled to arrive on Steam in April, though the specific date and price have not been revealed yet.