Co-Optimus - News - Space Action Game 'We Are Screwed!' Gets a Big 'Corrupted Rifts' Update on Steam

We Are Screwed!

  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Space Action Game 'We Are Screwed!' Gets a Big 'Corrupted Rifts' Update on Steam
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Space Action Game 'We Are Screwed!' Gets a Big 'Corrupted Rifts' Update on Steam

Work together to deliver dangerous cargo as your ship strives to save the universe!

We Are Screwed! is a Steam Early Access game from Rarebyte in which up to 4 local players work together to operate a spaceship while attempting to plug pipes that threaten to destroy the multiverse. It operates somewhat like an Overcooked or Manic Mechanics-style party game, but players get to see what's going on outside the spaceship while they frantically try to keep things running inside it. The new "Corrupted Rifts" update add challenging side missions set in twisted universes that will surely keep teams on their toes.

The main game features:

  • 1-4 playerslocal co-op & support for Parsec and Steam Remote Play Together
  • Super easy to drop in a run at any time
  • Simple controls
  • Manage the inside of your ship while you try to survive the harsh outside world, simultaneously!
  • Infinite replayability: Procedurally generated maps, different modules, ships for different playstyles, and a whole bunch of things to discover!

We Are Screwed - Corrupted Rifts

And the official description for the "Corrupted Rifts" is as follows:

The goal of Corrupted Rifts missions is to deliver the dangerous cargo to “The Sealer," the only being in the multiverse who can defuse it. This rat-like creature will generously reward players with module variants, passive modules and in-game currency.


  • Added "Corrupted Rifts" (side missions)
  • Added a new location: "Sealed Space"
  • Added a new NPC: "The Sealer"
  • Added tutorials for "Corrupted Rifts" (tutorials will automatically be enabled after the update)
  • Added Rock-Paper-Scissors-Emote to give players a way of solving conflicts
  • Added additional challenges to unlock the warp (available in "Corrupted Rifts" only)

Read the patch notes for more details.

We Are Screwed! sells for $19.99 on Steam.