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GuardGrave Is the Next Retro Arcade-Style Game from the Creator of Deathwish Enforcers
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GuardGrave Is the Next Retro Arcade-Style Game from the Creator of Deathwish Enforcers

Team up to battle ghosts and monsters in this upcoming 2D action game.

Although Limited Run didn't do much to promote it, Deathwish Enforcers became a sleeper hit when it appeared on PlayStation and Switch earlier this year. Now that game's developer, Monster Bath Games, has a follow-up title in the works for Switch and Steam called GuardGrave. With a spooky theme, gorgeous 2D pixel art, and 2-player local co-op, this one should be good fun for retro gamers when it arrives later this fall.

GuardGrave is a single-screen action game that borrows elements of Burger Time and other arcade classics. In each level, players must navigate a series of ladders and floors while attempting to close every coffin on the screen. Hammering the lid of a coffin several times will cause it to drop down one level, so you'll often need to knock a lid down several times before it reaches the bottom of the coffin. Meanwhile, a variety of enemies give chase, so players will have to think quickly in order to find safe routes to each coffin lid.

GuardGrave co-op

Levels take place in a variety of environments such as graveyards, catacombs, pyramids, snowy mountains, and more. At the end of each region, players will face fearsome bosses that show off artist Christopher Obritsch's amazing artwork. 2-player local co-op is supported, so you can bring along a partner to help with the hammerin'.


  • 7 levels with 37 stages overall (3 levels in the free version)
  • 7 bosses
  • 3 modes: Normal, Hard, and Kids Mode
  • All modes support singleplayer and 2-player local co-op
  • Tate (vertical display) mode for 3:4 arcade machines
  • Choose from multiple widescreen bezels

Work-in-progress footage

GuardGrave will launch first on Steam and then on Switch a short time thereafter. The full game is planned to sell for $5, and a free demo is also planned so that everyone can try to guard a few graves before buying. While you wait for GuardGrave's arrival, see our Deathwish Enforcers developer interview to learn more about Monster Bath Games and their 2D gaming pedigree!