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Disney Illusion Island Gets Free 'Keeper Up' Update on Switch
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Disney Illusion Island Gets Free 'Keeper Up' Update on Switch

A whole new mode and lots of improvements come to this family-friendly platformer.

Disney Illusion Island from Dlala Studios and Disney is a charming Switch-exclusive Metroidvania platformer that features 4-player local co-op. With a great art style, authentic voice acting, and cool co-op moves, it was already a delightful game. The new Version 1.1 update makes a good game even better by adding a new mode, map improvements, and more.

Here's an abridged version of the Version 1.1 "Keeper Up" Update Patch Notes:


  • New Game Mode - Mavens of Monoth Time Trials: 12 brand-new obstacle course time trials have been added to the world of Monoth. Each course tracks your best time and awards medals based on performance.
  • New Tokuns - To celebrate the arrival of the Mavens of Monoth there are 12 new tokuns added to the game. Each course, upon completion, will award a Tokun to the player. 
  • New Accomplishments - New accomplishments tied to Mavens of Monoth Time Trials added. 
  • New Gallery Unlocks - New gallery unlocks for achieving milestone performances in new Mavens of Monoth Time Trials, new unlock to celebrate those players who complete/have completed the story on Iron Mouse mode and scrapbook is now viewable in Gallery after 100% completion.
  • News Window - Added news window to main menu for highlighting updates.

Disney Illusion Island Keeper Up Update


  • Subtitles on by Default - Subtitles are now switched on by default for new players.
  • Instant Run - Added new instant run option to menu to allow players to always run however much input is pushed.


  • Respawn Envelope - The respawn envelope moves faster and has a quicker respawn in the Mavens of Monoth Time Trials game mode.
  • Map Filter - Map filter will now remember player filter choices within a play session.
  • Scrolling Map - Map is now scrollable using a d-pad.
  • Map Interaction - Now easier to highlight interactive map elements such as checkpoints.


  • Fixed various issues

The new mode will certainly add some playtime, and the map improvements are certainly welcome. It's good to see all those bugs getting fixed too. I'm certainly eager to hop back into Illusion Island now that it's even more polished; I just wish the game was available on Steam as well.

Disney Illusion Island sells for $39.99 digitally on Switch. The physical version and digital codes are also available for the same price at Amazon