Disney Illusion Island

  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Disney Illusion Island for Switch Gets Another Free Update: 'Mystery in Monoth'
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Disney Illusion Island for Switch Gets Another Free Update: 'Mystery in Monoth'

The second free update makes Illusion Island even more magical, we bet.

Disney Illusion Island from Dlala Studios (makers of the most recent Battletoads) and Disney is a charming Switch-exclusive Metroidvania platformer that features 4-player local co-op. With a lovely art style, authentic voice acting, and clever co-op moves, it has always been a quality title. Today's "Mystery in Monoth" update ups the ante with a mysterious new adventure for gamers to enjoy.

Official description:

Curious clues are popping up across Monoth, and Dash Dolphin needs the help of Mickey and friends to find them. Play solo or grab up to three friends in four player couch co-op as you locate clues, close cases and solve this brand-new detective mystery in Disney Illusion Island.

Disney Illusion Island

Sadly, Dlala Studios hasn't posted patch notes for the new update. I hopped into the game but couldn't find how to access the new content. Maybe the update hasn't arrived yet, or maybe you have to beat the game in order to see it. That's the kind of thing that patch notes or a press release could communicate to audiences, developers.

Disney Illusion Island sells for $39.99 digitally on Switch. The physical version and digital codes are also available for the same price at Amazon