• Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
  • + Combo Co-Op
Transform from Human to Beast in the New Coridden Demo on Steam
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Transform from Human to Beast in the New Coridden Demo on Steam

The monster-shifting action RPG is finally due to launch this year.

It has been three years since indie developer Aftnareld announced Coridden, a co-op action RPG for Steam. The game missed its initial target release window of late 2022, but it's finally due to come out during Q3 of this year. To drive the point home, Aftnareld has released a fresh Steam demo that shows off Coridden's cool monster transformation mechanics and both local and online co-op!

The Steam demo begins with a team of four siblings entering a gladiatorial arena on an alien planet. Before their battle begins, our heroes suddenly get transported to a strange new realm. There, a mysterious AI bestows the team with gauntlets that allow them to become shifters, able to change into other creatures at will. They will embark on a quest to enter the sealed city of Aasha and save their people from the danger that lurks beneath it.

Coridden 2024 Steam Demo screenshot

While Coridden is ostensibly a Diablo-style game, it features some unique mechanics that make it feel fresh and exciting. The heroes can transform from human to monster and back again with the press of a button. Numerous monster forms are equippable, offering both traversal and combat benefits. Co-op players can even ride and fight on the backs of other players in monster form! Fighting as a human is also an option, with various melee weapons and bows available for battle. Some interactions such as talking to NPCs and opening chests must be performed in human form.


  • BECOME A SHIFTER: Switch between your human and beast form freely to utilize each form's strengths and skills when needed. The different beast forms are not only formidable in fights, you can also use them to faster traverse and overcome obstacles in the world.
  • ACTION FOCUSED COMBAT: Experience intense combat action where both your own skills and character gear matters. Learn when to attack, dodge, jump, shapeshift and use your abilities to effectively take out the aggressive beasts, bandits and machines that you’ll encounter on your journey.
  • GROW YOUR POWERS: Build up both your human and monster form with new gear, attributes and active and passive skills as you level up. Choose from 4 human classes and train one or more of the 7 beast masteries available.
  • RIDE OUT IN CO-OP: Up to 4 players can play together in drop in/drop out co-op gameplay, both locally and online. In co-op you also unlock a special team mechanic: ride on each other’s back to become a strong cavalry unit together!
  • EXPLORE THE WORLD OF HEERA: Take the role as one of four siblings, each one with their own distinct personality, opening up for different sidequests and choices in conversations. Alongside your main mission you can explore the open areas further to find hidden treasures and complete side quests in an unusual science fantasy world.

Coridden 2024 Steam Demo screenshot

From what we've played of the new demo, Coridden is shaping up to be a quality action RPG. Let's hope it comes to consoles after the PC release.

Coridden will arrive on Steam in Fall of 2024. Grab the free demo now to see why we're looking forward to it!