Moonglow Bay Heads to PlayStation and Switch on April 11
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Moonglow Bay Heads to PlayStation and Switch on April 11

A major update will arrive on Xbox and Steam alongside the new versions.

Bunnyhug and Coatsink's Moonglow Bay is a charming voxel-based fishing adventure that arrived on Xbox and Steam a few years ago. Soon, the moon will be glowing on PlayStation and Switch as well. That's good news on its own, but the existing versions will also get a big update that adds a camera mode, new quests, and other content. Everybody wins!

Moonglow Bay features:

  • Discover what lurks beneath - Cast nets, set traps, line and ice fish to find all 151 aquatic species
  • Prepare and Preserve - Cook your catch of the day or show them off at the local aquarium
  • Traverse memorable places - Travel through the Glacier and Sulphur zones and unravel the mysteries of Astral Clouds
  • Encounter the Mythical Monsters of Moonglow - Hear the stories, bask in their myths, and prepare for some truly epic encounters
  • Play together or adventure alone - Drop-in with local co-op and fulfil a family’s wish together

Moonglow Bay

The new update which is coming to all versions of the game will include a camera mode with a new photography-based questline. The protagonists will discover and assemble the bones of an ancient sea creature, which sounds quite cool. Players will also get new decorations for their shabby shop, hopefully rendering it less shabby afterwards.

Moonglow Bay costs $24.99 on Xbox and Steam. The PlayStation and Switch versions, along with the aforementioned update, will arrive on April 11.