Too Human

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
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This Week in Co-Op: Too Human
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This Week in Co-Op: Too Human

There's an inherent nature in every human being to want to collect things.  Perhaps its baseball cards, coins, comics or pocket lint - everyone has a desire to create a collection of something.  I think this is why I find myself hopelessly addicted to a game that's well over 6 months old.  This week I picked up Too Human again, and I'm addicted to it not for the story or gameplay, but because of the co-op and item collection.

There's something very sinister about attaching colors to items.  With every drop of loot, the screen flashes its little colored icon representing what you picked up.  With each item I find I continually look for Gold, Blues, Purples and Greens - and the accompanying audio cue that goes with it.  I love hearing the little orchestral hit, knowing it's immediately time to check the inventory screen.  When playing in co-op, it's near impossible not to brag.  

 "I just picked up a Rump Guard of Eternal Defense!  It does +10% to Total Armor!"

The random name generator in Too Human is nothing short of genius, and as Kat and I made are way through the various maps, we'd call out the various awesomeness we'd encounter.

Highlights include: 

She Who Spews Diseased Brains, Neck Gnasher, Groin Ripper, The Glory of Manslaughter, and Fire Spikes Greet Death.


For my new character I decided to go Commando, a ranged class, sadly pants are required in Too Human.  With my gun toting class at hand, Kat focused on melee with a Beskerker class.  It wasn't long before she lunging herself into a large pile of enemies, which soon were tossed into the air like a fat kid tearing into a bag of M&Ms.  While airborne I whipped out my Jesse Ventura Predator style mini gun and kept them juggled overhead.  It was an incredibly satisfying co-op experience.

Cooperative play in Too Human definitely favors communication.  While most of the time we'd be telling each other - "I'm dead." there were times we found ourselves forced to come up with a strategy.  One particular case involved four trolls blocking a doorway.  After repeatedly dying over and over, Kat took action and called out a particular troll who kept slowing us.  
"If we get rid of the slow troll, this will be a lot easier."

Sure enough, she mounted that troll like a champ, and down went Bullet Punch.  We continued our quest for loot, only to be stopped by our red throbbing weapons.  Which really is the one major downside to the game, there's no way to repair your armor or weapon in the quest world, you need to travel back to Aesir.  From there you can only return to the start of the chapter checkpoints rather than where you left of.  Still after many hours of Too Human I still find myself enjoying it.


For anyone who still has this game on their rack, I highly recommend putting it back in and creating a new character.  Hop into co-op play with a friend and give it another shot.  Even if you don't have it, it's an easy pickup at $20.