Aquarium Land

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
QubicGames Releases Aquarium Land, Johnny Trigger, and a Huge Bundle of Games on Steam
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QubicGames Releases Aquarium Land, Johnny Trigger, and a Huge Bundle of Games on Steam

At last, Qubic's library of titles has arrived on Steam, available individually or in a cheap bundle.

QubicGames has released numerous low-cost games on Nintendo Switch and sometimes other consoles, but precious few of the company's titles have made their way to Steam before now. That changed this week when Qubic released more than 20 titles on Steam, including local co-op games Aquarium Land and Johnny Trigger: Sniper. Now that's progress!

Aquarium Land

Aquarium Land split-screen

In Aquarium Land, players can explore an aquatic environment, go fishing, and manage an aquarium shop. The game features:

  • many different aquatic worlds
  • 100+ species to catch
  • multiplayer mode up to 2 players
  • 20 funny skins to choose from
  • character, customer and employee upgrades
  • motorboat and jet-ski riding
  • different diving styles with cool animations
  • aquarium decorations
  • ship expeditions

Aquarium Land costs $4.99 on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and Steam.

Johnny Trigger: Sniper

In this sequel to Johnny Trigger (which has also just been released on Steam), players snipe at targets in a cartoonish world. Think of it as Sniper Elite for kids. This one features a 2-player split-screen co-op mode. Official description:

All the action, no lurking, tedious waiting or stress: pick a target, take aim, shoot and pick another target.

You play as a professional assassin with style, guts and an awesome rifle. Your opponents aren't beaten in the dark either and they can bite back, but you've got enough bullets in your magazine: pick a target, aim, headshot! Way to go!

Earn money for missions to unlock new guns, rocket launchers and even assault rifles. Collect keys to open mysterious suitcases. Shoot exploding barrels, defeat mafia bosses and make sure innocent civilians don't get hurt.

Johnny Trigger: Sniper sells for $4.99 on Switch and Steam, and is also available on mobile.

20 For 20 Anniversary Bundle

To celebrate the release of QubicGames' library on Steam, the company is offering the "20 For 20 Anniversary Bundle." The bundle contains 20 games: 

  • Amaze!, Aquarium Land, ASMR Slicing, Astro Miner, Bucket Crusher, Dig Deep, Eyes: The Horror Game, Golf Guys, Helix Jump, Hole io, Infantry Attack, Johnny Trigger, Johnny Trigger: Sniper, Light-It Up, Mob Control, The Nom, Paper io 2, Pocket Mini Golf 2, Run Sausage Run!, and Sausage Wars

These games normally sell for $5 each, so the bundle represents a $100 value for the current sale price of $20. Two of the bundled games support 2-player local co-op. You can grab the "20 For 20 Anniversary Bundle" on Steam.