Gunstar Heroes

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Gunstar Heroes Rumored for XBLA Release, Screenshots Leaked
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Gunstar Heroes Rumored for XBLA Release, Screenshots Leaked

It appears another classic co-op game is going to make its way to the Xbox Live Arcade.  The Sega Genesis classic Gunstar Heroes has seen a leaked achievement list.  As with most previous games that have had their achievement lists leaked, it all but confirms an imminent release of the title.

Gunstar Heroes is a side scrolling shooter similar to Contra, but it has a few core differences.  For one players have a life meter, so instead of taking just one shot and dying they can take multiple shots.  There's also a bunch of different characters to choose from each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses.  We fully expect the game to support online 2 player co-op like some of Sega's other offerings.

More information has it becomes available, for now enjoy some screens courtesy of Puredegarbanzos.


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