Slime Heroes

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Slime Heroes Is an Adorable Action Adventure Game Coming to Xbox and PC
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Slime Heroes Is an Adorable Action Adventure Game Coming to Xbox and PC

Try the Steam demo of this colorful slime adventure for a limited time.

If cats can go on quests, then it stands to reason that slimes can be heroes. Slime Heroes from Pancake Games and Whitethorn Games stars a pair of peaceful slimes who are forced to go on an adventure. In addition to customizing cutesy slimes (none of which too closely resemble Dragon Quest slimes), this one features a heartwarming story and 2-player co-op. The free Steam demo is available through June 19.

The demo begins by depicting the friendship of the protagonist slime and its dragon friend. The poor dragon becomes sick, thus weakening its protective barrier around the forest. This allows the forces of darkness to enter and attack the innocent friends. The dragon uses the last of its power to send the slime away. From there, our heroic slime (and optionally, a co-op partner) must find the six corrupted gods of the realm. Only by defeating these gods can peace be restored to the world.

Slime Heroes STeam demo

The game is described as a "Soulslike," but it seems to play more like a Zelda-style game. The heroic slime can attack, jump, and dash by default. After defeating enemies, our slimey star can gain a variety of new skills. These skills can then be customized and mapped to four buttons of the player's choosing. The controls feel fast and intuitive, and even the controller vibration is well implemented. If Slime Heroes can maintain its sense of magical wonder throughout, it should be a charming and engaging adventure.


  • Gain Abilities and Change Them Up On the Fly: Collect and consume an arsenal of gems obtained from defeating enemies, and dynamically combine skills to craft unique attacks that suit your playstyle at any time.
  • Play Alone or With a Friend: Venture off solo or jump into a friend’s game anytime for a fun couch and online co-op adventure. With a shared loot system, you can both create complimentary abilities to take on the fiercest corrupted enemies.
  • Travel Across an Expansive World: Explore six distinct regions in a vibrant, vast open world and meet the gods that rule over each region. Discover secret passageways, hidden areas, and unique puzzle dungeons, each with its own challenges.
  • Make Your Slime Your Own: Give your slime some personality as you customize their face and colors to your liking. Find hats throughout the map that not only give your slime that little extra pizazz but also provide helpful stat buffs, keeping you fashionable and ready for battle.

Slime Heroes is coming to Xbox Series S|X, Steam, and Epic at an undisclosed date. The Steam demo is only available until June 19, so try it while you can!