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by Tally Callahan 1
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What we know about the upcoming Dragon Quest game for the Wii and Wii U

Dragon Quest X to Have Online Co-Op

There's this game series called Dragon Quest. You may have heard of it. Okay, tongue-in-cheek attitude aside, it's true - the upcoming Dragon Quest X will have online co-op. Players will be able to form parties to go forth and quest for dragons. Yes, it sounds like it'll basically be an MMO. It also has a somewhat ridiculously long subtitle: Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online (which translates to Waking of the Five Tribes Online).

by Mike Katsufrakis 2
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Dragon Quest IX Co-Op Review

The Dragon Quest series is nothing if not traditional. While its genre contemporaries dabble in all manner of ridiculous systems, ennui and flamboyantly-dressed ladyboys, Dragon Quest has been content to deliver a solid, lighthearted adventure time and time again.

by Nick Puleo 1

Dragon Quest IX is Local Co-Op Only

In Japan, the Dragon Quest series is as big - if not bigger - than the Halo series is here in the United States.  The next game in the series is coming from famed developer Level 5 and is set to be released in Japan on July 11th on the Nintendo DS.  One of the most touted features of the game is a new cooperative mode.  

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