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Loot Ninja Asks: Do All Games Need More Players?
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Loot Ninja Asks: Do All Games Need More Players?

Our friends at Loot Ninja have worked up an editorial not too dissimilar from our 2008 retrospective "Co-Op Successes and Failures" (by Jason Love) and more recent "Innovations in Co-Op Gaming" (by Katrina Pawlowski feat. the staff)...the Loot Ninja staff seek the definitive answer to a question that has been hounding our forum-goers for several months now: Do All Games Need Multiplayer or Co-Op?

Hot on the heels of Naughty Dog's confirmation of both multiplayer and three-player co-op in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves comes the news that Bioshock 2 will also feature multiplayer (although, sadly, no co-op). Today's gaming news in particular has been ripe with teases of Modern Warfare 2, a game that we steadfastly hope will also include four-player co-op. Tomorrow, Fable II DLC See the Future hits the Xbox Live Marketplace, leaving us still wondering why the co-op in that game was gimped. Not to be outdone, Killzone 2 falls in the same category as Fable II -- although without co-op in any form -- and also makes its way to Loot Ninja, where they use the Sony headliner as an example of a high-profile game that may well have benefited further from a co-op campaign.

What's very gratifying to see is the general attitude of the comments as of this writing:  apparently Loot Ninja's readers are as attached to co-op as we are. We've gone over this before, but please take a look at the editorial piece and put in your two cents...then come back over here and continue our ongoing discussion.

Source: Loot-ninja.com