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Xbox Live Co-Op Night - Success!
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Xbox Live Co-Op Night - Success!

Last night we held our first official Xbox Live Co-Op Night.  The co optimus gamertag quickly filled up before the night even started, so I knew this was going to be something special.  I tried to jump into as many matches as I could, but it was good to see people using the friends of friends feature to find other co-op gamers!

Everyone was really awesome, and it's such a difference in the attitude of gamers when they play cooperatively vs. competitively.  There were no childish screams and profanities.  There was no name calling, there was only team work and thanks.  Everyone tried to help everyone else out - whether it was completing a level on legendary, or trying to get to a hard to reach skull. 

All in all it I felt it was a huge success and I look forward to next month's night.   We'll be announcing the date and game for that soon, so keep checking back with us for details on that and details on how you can join in on the fun.  Perhaps next month we'll even have some prizes to give out!  Thanks again everyone, and thanks again Microsoft and Trixie360!

I've posted some screens after the jump of the final run in Halo 3 with three other members of Co-Op night.  Who knew you could use so many different vehicles in that run?

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