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Ghost Recon 4 is Official, Details are Invisible
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Ghost Recon 4 is Official, Details are Invisible

This week Chuck Husemann of Gaming Nexus broadcasted his list of games that he wanted to see at E3 on Twitter, and asked followers if there were any he'd missed. I won't be attending E3, but like most of the gaming world, I'll be watching intently for both hardware and game announcements; Chuck's question inspired me to wonder if we'll see a new Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon game this year.

At the end of April, Ubisoft released a financial report for the fiscal year 2007-2008 and accidentally revealed unreleased game information. Since then, one of the two major headline contenders -- Assassin's Creed 2 -- has been officially announced and partially detailed. The other is -- you guessed it: a new Ghost Recon title, known only as Ghost Recon 4. This new iteration had been a running rumor, and was not much of a surprise.

Shortly following the sudden internet buzz, an official announcement was made, although without any assets or details. Lack of information aside, I'm sure many Co-Optimers are eager to hear more about Ghost Recon 4; GRAW 2 was a very popular co-op game in 2008, and still generates interest in the Co-Optimus meetup thread on our forums.

Source: Joystiq.com