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A New Way to Find your Trophies
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A New Way to Find your Trophies

Lets face it, one of the coolest things to happen this generation of gaming is the Achievement system.  While Microsoft launched their console with it built in, Sony had to play catch up and add it later.  And while the 360 had sites like and, well the PlayStation 3 just came up short.

That's all changing though as PlayStation Lifestyle has added a trophy portal to their site.  With it you can get complete access to all the trophies available in PlayStation 3 games.  Not only are current games listed, but unreleased titles have found their way onto the site.  Be on the look out for the co-op gaming trophies in games like Resident Evil 5, Resistance 2, and Red Alert 3!

So what do you think?  Are Achievements and Trophies a worthy addition to our gaming habits?