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PSN Update: FAQs and Lawsuits
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PSN Update: FAQs and Lawsuits



The Sony PlayStation Network disaster had made into the mainstream news cycle.  Once it became less about gaming and more about people's real-life money and their real life identities, stuff as they say, got serious. We all know that the PSN was compromised, but you may not know just how compromised you are.  PlayStation Blog has supplied an informative FAQ that will answer some (not all) of your questions.  Hopefully they will keep it up to date as more information comes to light.

In "That didn't take long" news, lawsuits are popping up against Sony.  IGN reports that a California-based firm has brought a class action lawsuit against multi-national corporation.  The lawsuit alleges Sony "failed to take reasonable care to protect, encrypt, and secure the private and sensitive data."  IGN has a PDF of the complaint here. Does this mean we'll start seeing those commercials on TV asking if we were victims of the PSN outage, like when prescription drugs are recalled, or hip replacements go bad? Yes.  Yes it does.

Picture this during your prime TV viewing hours, but substitute "PSN" for "DePuy Hip Replacements" and "Sony" for "Johnson and Johnson":

Wow!  That was for 93,000 measly little hips, and people have got two of those!  77 million people were allegedly on the PSN, and they should have only one identity!  I actually called the lawyer I keep on retainer (who happens to be my wife) and asked if we could expect commercials like these.  She said, "Yeah, probably."  That's from a real life attorney!  She then went on to say that what would most likely happen is that PSN users would get something in the mail from the involved law firms.  Then I got bored and asked her to pick me up a sammich.  She told me I better have the laundry folded when she gets home.  Long story short, the laundry is folded and I now sit here sammich-less and sad. And it's all Sony's fault.

Source: Ps3.ign.com