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Battleforge is Now Free To Play
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Battleforge is Now Free To Play

A few weeks ago the co-op RTS from EA, BattleForge, dropped in price.  For $30 you got the full game, 3000 in game points and 64 cards to start with.  The price and content of this hasn't changed, but there's a new option now.  

Electronic Arts has announced that BattleForge has gone Play 4 Free.  What this means is players can download the full version of Battle Forge at no cost.  The Play 4 Free version of the game only comes with 32 cards though, and while that's enough to get you up and running you'll most likely want to purchase more.

If you read our review of the game one of the biggest gripes we had was the fact you had to purchase additional cards on top of your, at the time, $50 price.  Now through the magic of a poor economy players can still enjoy the game in a somewhat limited form, and simply only buy the boosters they need.  Free Play users are limited to posting cards in the auction house though until they reach a certain in game level.

Anytime you take something someone paid for and make it free, well people are going to be angry.  So what marketing genius move did EA try to do?  Well according to them the retail copy of the game is now simply a "points in a box" type scenario.  One that's stackable too.  This still doesn't make up for those of us that paid $50 for the game, but I guess that's the early adopter tax.