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Battleforge Demo Now Available, Upgradable to Retail Release
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Battleforge Demo Now Available, Upgradable to Retail Release

EA has announced that a demo version of their card-based RTS, Battleforge, is now available for download.  If you read our preview of the game, you know we came away more than impressed, so now is the perfect time to see if it fits into your co-op gaming regiment as well.

Battleforge features co-op missions for a variety of player numbers, with later missions featuring a full twelve player co-op.  As you progress through the story, players are able to play specific elemental cards to summon troops and spells into battle. 

If you like the demo version enough, you can simply enter a retail unlock code and instantly have the full version at your finger tips.  Beta users will be receiving a unique Firedancer card upon launch later this week. 

Hit up the official Battleforge website to download the demo.

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