Uncharted 2: Among Thieves E3 2009 Trailer
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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves E3 2009 Trailer

Perhaps you want to pick up Uncharted 2: Among  Thieves for the game's co-op multiplayer mode.  Perhaps.  The reality is, you are going to want the single player more than anything, and that's OK in our book.  The first game was an amazing piece of interactive entertainment on the PlayStation 3, and the second one looks to continue that tradition.

The E3 2009 Trailer is now on display, and in it we see Elena make a return and meet with the new female protagonist, Chloe.  The quest this time follows the history of Marco Polo, and Nathan Drake is hot on the trail of a large gem said to contain a secret power.  It's all very Indiana Jones, and it's all very intriguing.  

In other Uncharted 2 news, the online competitive multiplayer beta has started today.  If you picked up a copy of inFAMOUS you already have a key for access, but perhaps - just maybe, if you stick around here we might have a few to give away.