Guitar Hero: On Tour

  • LAN Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
  • + Co-Op Modes
Guitar Hero Edition DS: Now You're Pickin' with Power!
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Guitar Hero Edition DS: Now You're Pickin' with Power!

Ahh, Nintendo.  You and your special edition, funky colored game systems.  They seem like such a waste, and yet, I still bought a translucent green Nintendo 64 back in the day.  It's even worse with the DS Lite.  In my family alone, we have black, black/blue, and black/red DS Lites.  In fact, I just sold my white DS to get the black one a month ago.  And now, you go and announce a Silver and Black DS, with the Guitar Hero logo on it!  What's a fanboy supposed to do?  Ebay the new black DS, and use the funds to get the super cool silver one, with FLAMES on it?  After all, I'm buying the Guitar Hero: On Tour game anyway.  If I'm going to be rocking out in public, shredding on lead guitar while my wingman plays bass, I gotta do it in style, right?  It's hard to resist, given the combination of my obsession with rhythm game peripherals and the allure of a special edition DS Lite.  I may need to go visit my psychiatrist again...

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