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Rumor: New Ghost Recon Game Rated in Australia
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Rumor: New Ghost Recon Game Rated in Australia

The rumor started with Ubisoft's financial earnings, citing a new Ghost Recon game to be released before March 2010, specifically Ghost Recon 4. Now, the Australian ratings board has a listing for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Predator, which many are presuming to be the fabled Ghost Recon 4.

To me, the title sounds like a portable title. Resistance: Retribution...Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow...Killzone: Liberation...you see the pattern. However, the listing clearly states that the game is rated for mature audiences, and has a "CG (Multi Platform)" classification.

I'm personally looking forward to continuations of the Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six series, both of which have been co-op friendly this generation. Let's hope this rumor rings true.

Source: Destructoid.com