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God of War III Has Online Co-Op Says Retail Training Site
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God of War III Has Online Co-Op Says Retail Training Site

With The God of War Collection hitting the PlayStation 3 this week with remastered graphics and trophy support, it appears rumors have resurfaced that God of War III will contain an online cooperative mode.

We followed up on the source of the rumor, a Sony Online Retail Loyalty training site.  In fact, anyone can log into the site with their PSN ID to train, though you'll need a valid paystub from an authorized retailer to actually benefit from it.  

Indeed there is a God of War III quiz for the website, and there is a question regarding online co-op.  And after completing the quiz, we were told that we were correct in choosing yes as the answer.  This of course goes against everything we've read so far with Sony's response to the question when asked directly.

Incidently, on the same retailer training site it lists God of War III as a 1 Player game.  We're going to chalk this up as a "clerical" error until Sony says otherwise.

Red Answers are incorrect answers.

Thanks to everyone that sent in the tips on this!