Fus Ro Co-Op! Modders Create Skyrim Online Mode
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Fus Ro Co-Op! Modders Create Skyrim Online Mode

Skyrim might be one of the biggest games of 2011, but it was missing one key ingrediant, co-op.  The game is still epic in it's own right, but being able to slay dragons with some friends or showing off viking shaped snow angels would be an absolute blast - sadly - we couldn't do that until now.  Skyrim Online is a new fan made mod that adds an MMO aspect to the game, allowing players to login and enter the world of Skyrim together.  

The mod is still in the VERY early stages, and for the most part, it's almost not even a playable game - simply a sandbox to mess around in.  Yet, if you want to fus ro dah each other until you tear up from the insanity - by all means.  Head on over to Skyrim Online to download the PC mod.   

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