Super Stardust HD

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Team Expansion for Super Stardust HD Reviewed
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Team Expansion for Super Stardust HD Reviewed

Super Stardust HD is one of the premiere titles available on the Playstation Network.  Take the classic Asteroids gameplay from days of yore, add in genre staples like power ups and different weapons, and throw it all in a gorgeous high definition package, and you have SSHD in a nutshell.  However, for fans of co-op, there has been a nagging problem about the game: both players had to remain on the same screen, thus limiting their effectiveness.  The most recent content for the game, aptly titled the Team Expansion, addresses this problem.  Split-screen co-op is now supported.  From IGN's review:

Having split-screen co-op is really nice. Although I do enjoy the challenge of sharing a screen with someone during classic cooperative play, being able to boost away from them and split up is very handy. Otherwise, this is the exact same cooperative game Stardust players may have seen before, but now you're not restricted to flying close to your partner. The downside of split-screen co-op comes from the noticeable slowdown, made even more apparent during cluttered Phases. I wouldn't say the game slows to a "crawl," but the change is palpable and will be an annoyance to some. Also, having the screen split up does make it much harder to see your little ship and smaller (yet still entirely lethal) asteroid fragments.

Other features of the expansion include several competitive vs. modes, if you're into that sort of thing.  Additional soundtrack options and a ship editor round out the release.  The Super Stardust HD Team Expansion is available now for the low, low price of $5.  If you pick up the expansion, let us know what you think!