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Borderlands Franchise "Important" to Take 2, Borderworlds May be the Answer
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Borderlands Franchise "Important" to Take 2, Borderworlds May be the Answer

While it looks like Take 2 is going to post quite a loss this quarter, the publisher of Gearbox's Borderlands plans to stand behind the franchise calling it an "important" and "long-term" addition to their portfolio.  This is good news for the game, one in which a certain analyst thought was sent out to die by the publisher.  

Perhaps the first evidence of Take 2's strategy is a trademark that was filed by Gearbox for something called Borderworlds.  Perhaps a hint at what the sequel will entail?  Cross planet exploration?  Claptraps in space?  Only time will tell.

Finally the last bit of Borderlands news comes from GameInformer, which has gathered up some trivia style knowledge on the development of the game.  Did you know Lillith was mo-capped by a man?  


  •  There were about 64,000 check-ins to make Borderlands.
  • Mikey Neumann (creative director) did the motion capture acting for the intro featuring Lilith strutting and blowing a kiss.
  •  The dog paw around Brick's neck was his dog growing up. Her name was Priscilla. You can see him as a child with her in the intro cinema to the game!
  •  Crazy Earl, ClapTrap, Scooter and all of the enemy battle dialogue is voiced by Gearbox employees.
  •  The player character Lilith went through seven full revisions until the art director was satisfied with the final version. 
  •  ClapTrap was actually the last character added to Borderlands.
  •  Gearbox uses a proprietary automated build system that runs multiple platform builds nightly in addition to specific builds that are manually triggered by developers. The final shipping build of the Xbox game was number 5,700.
  •  There was a suggestion to feature midgets attached to cables that other bandits could toss at you.
  •  A full body explosion will spawn 1 liver, 1-2 kidneys, 1-3 limbs, skull chunks, lots of blood, and other random body parts that have a chance to stick to walls.
  •  23 babies were born to Gearbox developers during the course of this game – three of them to a single designer and his wife.
  •  The Borderlands Official Strategy Guide is the longest strat guide Bradygames had ever written for a single game.
  •  We had a bug once that Lilith’s voice sounded ‘too sexual’ in the international versions, we let it slide.
  •  The actress that played VoG appeared in an episode of Las Vegas on NBC.
  •  “Turtles all the way down” is a reference to infinite regression popularized by Stephen Hawking.