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CVG is on Board with the whole "Co-Op" Thing
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CVG is on Board with the whole "Co-Op" Thing

Computer and Video Games, the magazine not the site, has been around since 1991.  The site, not the magazine, has an interesting editorial about co-op gaming.  What about it?  Namely it's friggin awesome.  They tire of the ways of online versus, something that dominated the early parts of the decade.

Yet the truth is I just can't seem to summon the excitement and enthusiasm I once had for shooting other people in the face - so has my gaming mojo finally departed? Well the answer is no: the reactions may be fading but the gaming light still sputters undimmed, it's just I've just found a new outlet for my (virtual) homicidal tendencies and for me, nowadays, it's all about the co-op. 

 I think there's a great quote in the article as well that really describes the difference between cooperative gaming and some of the other modes we see.  "'s constructive rather than the destructive that appeals to me," says CVG.  Couldn't have said it better myself.

They say you want a revolution.