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Microsoft Co-Op News from Presser
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Microsoft Co-Op News from Presser


Quite a bit of co-op news from the Microsoft Presser today.

Gears of War 2 will have a 5-player co-op multiplayer game mode called Horde.  Unfortunately, the main game will only see 2-player co-op.  Game is coming November 7th, 2008.

Resident Evil 5 will have 2-player co-op.  Game is coming March 13th, 2009.

Fable 2 will have pop-in/pop-out co-op.  You will see an orb on the screen representing your friends in their single-player experiences.  You walk up to the orb and can connect instantly to your friend in co-op.  Game is coming in October 2008.

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It looked like in the video that Geometry Wars 2 coming next month will have co-op, but they did not confirm or deny this.

New dashboard will make an appearance and you'll be able to be permanently connected to an 8-person Party and play in any game and still communicate.

Xbox Live Primetime will bring gameshows to your Xbox starting with 1 vs. 100.  You can be in the audience, be part of the 100 or be the 1 in the game and you can win real prizes.

Netflix partnership announced.  You can share a movie with your Live party and all watch it at the same time.

New Scene-It: Box Office Smash, new Uno Rush and new You're in the Movies...all with 4-player co-op.