The Grinder

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
A New Perspective on The Grinder
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A New Perspective on The Grinder

When Co-Optimus recently announced that High Voltage Software's The Grinder was coming to all platforms, and not just the Wii, we thought that it would be a high definition version of the First Person Shooter style originally planned.  However, this appears not to be the case as a recent preview has the game moving in a completely different direction.  The game is now a third person, top down shooter, in the style of classics such as Smash T.V., or the more recent Zombie Apocalypse.  Click Read More to see some screen shots and a little more information courtesy of Gamepro.   

The Grinder still remains a 4 player co-op experience, but instead of viewing the game from the first person, you see the action from above.  Characters include a Japanese schoolgirl and a Mexican Hombre, this is a stylistic choice to give the game a lighter appeal, hopefully in the vein of excellent grindhouse games like House of the Dead: Overkill.  The preview already hints at a number of potential issues including the fact that all players have to remain on the same screen and the lack of detail in the third person, but with a release date of Halloween 2011, there is plenty of time to fix things.  With the look and feel of a modern day Gauntlet with guns, lets hope there is enough here to justify a full RRP.