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Update: The Grinder Not Forsaken For Wii, 2 Versions Confirmed

About a year ago, we heard about a new first person shooter in the vein of Hunter: The Reckoning on the Wii. It had something to do with Werewolves and co-op, but that news fell on the wayside when we got an update that told us that The Grinder was going to the Xbox 360 and PS3. Now, we can tell you for sure, you're getting two versions of Grinder available.

by Sam Tyler 3
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A New Perspective on The Grinder

When Co-Optimus recently announced that High Voltage Software's The Grinder was coming to all platforms, and not just the Wii, we thought that it would be a high definition version of the First Person Shooter style originally planned.  However, this appears not to be the case as a recent preview has the game moving in a completely different direction.  The game is now a third person, top down shooter, in the style of classics such as Smash T.V., or the more recent Zombie Apocalypse.  Click Read More to see some screen shots and a little more information courtesy of Gamepro.   

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The Grinder Brings 4 Player Co-op To The Wii

If there is any one thing the Wii needs more of, it's gore - I mean, co-op. From the developers of the beautiful, yet puzzlingly co-op-free shooter Conduit, we get The Grinder. A game chock full of Vampires, werewolves, and many other nightmare monsters to blow to pieces using the Wii remotes light-gun style gameplay. Not only will this gorefest shooter have co-op, but it will be online supported 4 player co-op. What do you think of when we mention fast paced 4 player co-op with scary things? Yea, we thought so too. High Voltage's Chief Creative Officer, Eric Nofsinger confirms an interesting Xbox parallel.  

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