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Co-Op Deals: 1942: Joint Strike and Trine on Sale on PSN
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Co-Op Deals: 1942: Joint Strike and Trine on Sale on PSN

Some good co-op deals for all the Playstation users out there, courtesy of the Playstation Blog's weekly Playstation Store Update.  The remake of the classic Capcom co-op shoot 'em up, 1942: Joint Strike, is on sale this week for just $4.99, and Trine, a grand three player co-op adventure, is being permanently discounted from $19.99 to $14.99.  In his review of 1942, Nick praised the job Backbone Entertainment did in bringing this classic title back and concluded by saying "if you love top down scrolling shooters, and you love playing them with friends, you are going to really enjoy 1942: Joint Strike."  Trine was selected by our staff as the "Best Downloadable Co-Op Title" for the 2009 Co-Op GOTY Awards, and Katrina's impression of the PSN version was that it was every bit as competent and fun as its PC counterpart.  Two great deals for two great co-op games; seems like a good way to start the weekend to me!


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