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Fable III Goes Episodic
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Fable III Goes Episodic

The hype machine for upcoming release Fable III is in full force.  Spinmaster Supreme Peter Molyneux has given a few more details about the sequel to a fun, albeit flawed, co-op title.  The first tidbit?  Fable III will be episodic in nature.  What exactly does this mean?  Molyneaux compares is to the work of Charles Dickens, of all things.  Apparently, the big retail release, on disc, will include the first few episodes.  The story will continue in the planned DLC installments.  Let's hope those first few episodes are worthwhile on their own, or many folks will not be happy.

Another reveal was that DLC will be available in various shops throughout the game, ensuring you won't have to use that pesky Xbox Live interface to get the goods.  Lastly, Molyneux confirmed that Fable III is fully playable without Natal, though waggle-lovers will be able to enjoy an "enhanced experience."  I can't really say I'm super-pissed about this news, can you?

Source: Destructoid.com