Ghostbusters: The Video Game

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Ghostbusters Preview Confirms Lack of Story Based Co-Op
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Ghostbusters Preview Confirms Lack of Story Based Co-Op

The fine folks over at XboxAddict got some hands on time with a preview build of Ghostbusters for the Xbox 360.  And while the folks had high praises for the games graphics and authenticity, they couldn't help but feel something was off.  What was that thing that irked the author?  Was it the scary ghosts?  The cheesey one liners?  The lack of slime in the box? was the lack of a true co-op mode of course!

Then it hit me.  A key gameplay element was missing from the game, story co-op multiplayer.  Why is this so important?  Do I really need to explain?  I personally think this goes without being said.  It would be like Dan Aykroyd going into the movie with robots, and the jokes and fun just wouldn’t be there.  I was quickly informed that the game will have “competitive co-op” multiplayer, but nothing via the storyline.  It’s so close to being perfect.

Yes, it is so close to being perfect.  How the developers could drop the ball like this on this title, something so many of us have been looking forward to since we were growing up.  Here's hoping articles like this, and the one at XboxAddict can make a point to developers not to take co-op features for granted.