Skate 3

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Skate 3 Release and Giveaway
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Skate 3 Release and Giveaway

Today's the day.  Skating fans will finally be able to ollie, heelflip, darkside catch, and 360 flip, if Coach Frank has anything to say about it, and co-op skating fans will be able to do all of that with their friends as Skate 3 hit the store shelves today.  To celebrate the game's release, we've got a special giveaway for one lucky community member.  Want to know what it is and how to win?  Keep reading after the (hippie) jump.

The folks at EA were kind enough to provide Co-Optimus with a special Skate 3 skate deck sporting a Port Carverton design.  This deck could be yours, and all you have to do is just leave a comment below with your favorite skating move.  The winner will be chosen at random this Friday, May 14, at 9 AM EDT.  Good luck to everyone and be sure to keep an eye out for our Skate 3 co-op review!