Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Zeno Clash Soundtrack Free, But Needs More Fish Pistols
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Zeno Clash Soundtrack Free, But Needs More Fish Pistols

Earlier this month, Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition was released on Xbox Live Arcade.  A very rare first person brawler, we found the game to be pretty good, though the lack of campaign co-op was troubling.  The trippy game world and inclusion of dual wielded fish pistols were highlights.  If only you could carry a couple real life fish pistols while on the treadmill, or in the car, wouldn't that be great?  Well, your neighbors would likely look at you funny if you did.  So, you'll just have to content yourself with downloading the complete soundtrack to the game for all your excercising and driving needs.  Best of all, you can get it free, until May 31st.


Hurry! This offer expires May 31, 2010!

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA - May 17, 2010 - Atlus U.S.A., Inc. today released the full, enhanced Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition™ soundtrack, free of charge for a limited time. Remastered, and in some cases recomposed, every track is presented as a complete composition and a perfect reflection of the gorgeous and grotesque nature of the adventure in the world of Zenozoik. This critically acclaimed, first-person melee action adventure brawler, Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition™, is now available for your punching, kicking, and headbutting pleasure on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

The vastly enhanced Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition features new modes including all-new online and split-screen cooperative mode for the Tower and Pit Challenges, along with new combat moves, new weapons, and a whole new Zeno Rush gameplay mode. Zeno Rush mode lets players compete against themselves and each other (via online leaderboards) in trying to complete select scenarios from the single-player campaign in the shortest times possible. All this added content, combined with a series of tweaks and improvements based on fan feedback, deliver the definitive version of the critically acclaimed game.

Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition is now available on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points. Visit the official game website (www.zenoclash.com) for more information. To download the full soundtrack, visit the website and click on the 'soundtrack' button.