Super Deal on Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Super Deal on Super Mario Galaxy 2

Retailers are getting more and more aggressive with prices in order to get our precious gaming dollars.  The latest deal is one of the best we've seen on a new release.  Gamestop is having a 20% off sale on Wii and DS games over $30, which includes the latest greatest Super Mario Galaxy 2.  The 20% off takes it to approximately forty bucks, and Gamestop will also toss in a $20 gaming credit for your next purchase.  Effectively, you are paying around twenty bucks for what we here is another fine iteration of the Mario franchise.  There are similar deals for other games, including New Super Mario Bros. Wii.  Interested in the details?

Use coupon codes GS20 (and SAVER) to get 20% off all in-stock new Wii & DS games $29.99 and up (and free shipping). Offer ends 5/31 and is available online only. In addition to the coupon savings, there are a bunch of Wii & DS games on sale that include credit bonuses.

Some highlights (price reflects discount):

 Super Mario Galaxy 2 $39.99 + $20 credit
 New Super Mario Bros. Wii $27.99 + $10 credit
 Mario Kart Wi $31.99 + $10 credit
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars
$31.99 + $10 credit
 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa $27.99 + $10 credit
 Cabela's Monster Buck Hunter with Gun $31.99 + $10 credit
 Pokemon SoulSilver $31.99
 Pokemon HeartGold $31.99