Old School Co-Op Titles Now Available On Steam
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Old School Co-Op Titles Now Available On Steam

SEGA's Genesis is one of the most beloved consoles in gaming history.  Many a gamer became a fan of co-op due to the Genesis' strong library of cooperative titles.  Now, via the power of Steam, several co-op classics are available with the click of a mouse.  The SEGA Genesis Classics Pack is available for PC gamers, and includes such co-op heavyweights as Golden Axe and Altered Beast.  There were even a few co-op games I'd never heard of: Gain Ground and Crack Down.  (Yes, Crack Down; we're just as surprised as you are!)  Each title will set you back a mere $2.99; as of yet, there is no discount for buying the whole package.  I know I'll be checking out Crack Down to determine if it's worthy to be called a Co-Op Classic...

Source: Store.steampowered.com

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