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42 Games, 1 Rush Of Pure Childhood.

SEGA Genesis Mini Slated for Sept 19 Release

Keeping up with all of the mini consoles on the market, SEGA has announced their SEGA Genesis Mini will become available on September 19, 2019. The teeny console comes packed with 40 games (and two “bonus” titles), all of the required cables, and 2 controllers so you and a friend can throw back to your playtimes of ol’ with Contra: Hard Corps, Golden Axe, Gunstar Heroes, Toejam and Earl, and so many more.

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In Japan, that is.

3D Altered Beast Brings Classic Co-Op Brawling Action to 3DS

Sega's classic sidescrolling brawler Altered Beast is getting a remake for the 3DS eShop. Well, the remake is done and the game is out in Japan, but the rest of the world can still pretend it's "in the works". 3D Altered Beast is an enhanced port of the Genesis version of the game (as opposed to the arcade version) that keeps all the classic elements in place, including werewolf transformations, some odd plot points about Zeus, hordes of winged demons and goat men to punch, and that wonderful "POWER...UP" sound effect.

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Somebody set this version's difficulty to impossible

Co-Op International: Altered Beast

Disney's latest animated feature Wreck-It Ralph is chock full of videogame references, some more obscure than others. For instance, the final boss of Altered Beast makes a brief cameo in his rhino form. That gives us the perfect excuse to look at an obscure Japanese port of the game in our latest installment of Co-Op International. This month we look at Altered Beast (called Juuoki in Japan) for the PC Engine, an 8-bit system known as the Turbografx-16 in the west.

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Classic Co-Op Sega Genesis Titles Hitting the PSN

What do Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Streets of Rage 2, Golden Axe 2, Comix Zone, and Altered Beast have is common?  Give up?  They will all be available on the PlayStation Network for $4.99 each. If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber you will get all six titles for the low, low price of nada.  Zip, zilch, zero. (Aside from the initial PlayStation Plus subscription fee.)  Each title is a timed release, so you can expect one new game a month through August.  PlayStation Plus members will get the games earlier than regular Sony customers.  They're also better looking and have more friends.  

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Get Ready for Sega Genesis Classic Collection Gold Edition

Old school gamers, prepare your PCs.  The Sega Genesis Classic Collection Gold Edition has 46 titles of pixelated awesome, and it's available today.  You can get your co-op on with titles like Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, and more.  This collection has already been released digitally on Steam, but now you can pick up all four Volumes in on compact physical package.  For a full list of all the titles, read on.

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Co-Op Classics Video Edition: Altered Beast and Joust

Once again, we've got a couple Co-Op Classics for you to peruse in visual form. Wolves, tigers, bears, and ostriches make star appearances as we dig deep into the Co-Op Classics vault: Altered Beast, a fine brawler known primarily for its Genesis port, joins Joust, a Golden Age masterpiece.

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Old School Co-Op Titles Now Available On Steam

SEGA's Genesis is one of the most beloved consoles in gaming history.  Many a gamer became a fan of co-op due to the Genesis' strong library of cooperative titles.  Now, via the power of Steam, several co-op classics are available with the click of a mouse.  The SEGA Genesis Classics Pack is available for PC gamers, and includes such co-op heavyweights as Golden Axe and Altered Beast.  There were even a few co-op games I'd never heard of: Gain Ground and Crack Down.  (Yes, Crack Down; we're just as surprised as you are!)  Each title will set you back a mere $2.99; as of yet, there is no discount for buying the whole package.  I know I'll be checking out Crack Down to determine if it's worthy to be called a Co-Op Classic...

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Co-Op Classics: Happy Twentieth Birthday, Sega Genesis

Twenty years ago today, the Sega Genesis was released in North America.  Known as the Mega Drive in Japan, the Genesis was a big hit.  The NES was dominant at the time, but that fabled console was a bit long in the tooth.  With the help of truly superb marketing (Sega does what Nintendon't!), and a certain blue hedgehog, the Genesis became Sega's most successful console.  It was also a great way to play co-op with a friend, with many stellar co-op games in the Genesis library.

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