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Frank West Leaves a Puzzling Message on the Dead Rising Facebook Page
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Frank West Leaves a Puzzling Message on the Dead Rising Facebook Page

In "Hey, that's not really news!" news, Frank West left a puzzling message on the Dead Rising Facebook page.   (This is what happens when every major game has to be out before that Black Friday/Cyber Monday window.  I hope you're happy, free market.)  Anyway, the message alludes to a new adventure for our favorite war-covering, zombie-masking, erotic photo-taking, cross-dressing photojournalist:

I’m getting packing for my new adventure – camera, notebook and baseball bat. What else would i need for a break in paradise?

Gee, Frank, I don't know... maybe a copy of Dead Island, that way you know what's coming?  I don't know if this is a tease for a new full game, or just some DLC, but I'm sure it's something, right?  Capcom does have a habit of releasing the same game with minor tweaks, so here's hoping its not some tacked on nonsense, like Dead Rising 2: Fortune City's Wet and Wild Waterpark!!!

Whatever it is, we hope it has co-op.  No self-respecting game franchise would ever actually get rid of a co-op mode, would they?  That would be madness. 

I hope the game takes place on a cruise ship.  If Speed 2: Cruise Control taught me anything, it's that... wait.  I never saw Speed 2... Heck, it's a slow news day, so let the rampant speculation begin!  Where do you think Frank is going?  Try to keep it interesting.  First person that says "beach," "tropical" or "island" loses.  

Source: Facebook.com