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What Happened to Crackdown 2's Survival Mode?
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What Happened to Crackdown 2's Survival Mode?

Crackdown 2 is out today (our review here) - and for all intents and purposes it's great fun in co-op.  You'll have a good with your friends blowing up and already exploded Pacific City.  There's even a multiplayer versus mode out of the box for sixteen players.  But we noticed something was suspiciously missing in our review build of the game - the 8 player survival mode.

We reached out to Microsoft to find out what's going on with it, if it's coming as future DLC, or if it was cut from the game completely - after all, it sounded like the 8 player co-op mode was in a fairly finished state according to that interview.

"PVE was something the team wanted to include in the "Crackdown 2" multiplayer experience, but ultimately we decided to double down on having the most polished 4 player co-op campaign experience we could alongside a really groundbreaking sandbox PVP experience." said a Microsoft representative.   "These two things were most important to get right, and things that fans really wanted. PVE is still something the team is interested in, but right now we're focused on making those other multiplayer elements a landmark experience when the game ships."

So far two separate pieces of premium DLC have been uncovered via Avatar Unlocks.  They are called Toy Box and Deluge;  while the former sounds more like a "Keys to the City" type scenario, Deluge could hint at the survival mode.  According to deluge means "an overwhelming amount or number" - and the associated achievement discovered by has to do with completing "15 minutes of maim."

I'm sure we'll have more on the Crackdown 2 DLC scenario in the coming weeks.