Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

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Metal Slug meets Starcraft 2
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Metal Slug meets Starcraft 2

If you haven't heard, the Starcraft 2 map editing suite is so powerful it allows you to create completely different game types - something akin to Little Big Planet 2.  The latest user "map" is a remake of the classic side scrolling shooter Metal Slug, complete with two player co-op support.  There's even vehicle support for true Metal Slug action!

To play you'll need the beta version of Starcraft 2 or the retail version, which releases on the 27th of July.  The map itself is less than 20MB in size as it uses all existing Starcraft 2 assets to recreate the first Act of Metal Slug.  Something like this really shows the potential of the upcoming suite of tools that Blizzard is going to provide with Starcraft 2