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Red Dead Redemption

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Red Dead Gets Undead
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Red Dead Gets Undead

My irresponsibility knows no bounds. There are actually four downloadable packs to announce here, but I've titled this post based on my excitement for the last one, titled the "Undead Nightmare Pack". There is some really good content preceding it, and it's not fair to you all that I promote my own personal hype here on this news page. But, tarnation - it's zombies, okay? That warrants a crafty, biased title.

Equally exciting, though, is the addition of horse races, poker, and Liars Dice to Free Roam. The story is this: Red Dead Redemption will be getting four hefty DLC packs, starting early August and finishing sometime "this fall". At least three of the packs will be fairly pricey, but they all seem to add quite a bit of content to the Free Roam mode, which some have panned as lacking objective.

The first pack - for $9.99 on PSN / 800 MS Points and releasing early August - is called Legends and Killers:

•           9 new multiplayer map locations — more than doubling the
amount of territories in the multiplayer competitive modes
•           8 new multiplayer characters — play as characters from Red
Dead Revolver
•           Introducing a new projectile weapon: the Tomahawk, with
corresponding challenges for single-player and multiplayer gameplay

The second pack - for $9.99 on PSN / 800 MS Points - is called Cheats and Liars:

•           Attack and Defend multiplayer competitive mode and challenges
•           New multiplayer horse races, complete with mounted combat
•           Play as the heroes and villains of Red Dead Redemption, as
well as 8 additional multiplayer characters
•           Multiplayer versions of Liars Dice and Poker from the
single-player game
•           Introducing a new weapon: the Explosive Rifle, with
associated challenges available in single-player and multiplayer

The third pack - pricing unannounced - is simply called the Free Roam Pack:

•           Additional Free Roam challenges
•           New action areas and defensive placements
•           Posse scoring and leaderboards
•           New anti-griefing measures in Free Roam

And finally, the Undead Nightmare Pack, also priced at $9.99 on PSN / 800 MS Points:

•           Brand new single-player adventure, challenges and quests
•           8 new multiplayer zombie characters
•           Additional animals unleashed in the world
•           New dynamic events and more


The first, second, and fourth packs will also feature new Trophies and Achievements.

I haven't even finished the co-op missions that were included in the free Outlaws to the End Pack yet, but I'm looking forward to this new content all the same; particularly the Free Roam additions.

Anyone else looking forward to being broke?