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Beyond Co-Op, July 11th to July 17th
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Beyond Co-Op, July 11th to July 17th

Welcome to Beyond Co-Op, a weekly piece that talks about industry stories that may or may not be related to co-op gaming.

The stories for this week:

- Bond Game from Bizarre Creations Finally Unveiled
- Multiple Oddworld Games Coming
- RIP 1 vs. 100
- Double Fine Working on 4 Smaller Games
- Nothing New in Week Ahead of StarCraft II Release

Bond Game from Bizarre Creations Finally Unveiled

Finally, the long rumored Bizarre Creations Bond game was unveiled this week coming this holiday called James Bond: Blood Stone. It will be an original story and start Daniel Craig’s likeness and voice along with Judi Dench as M and singer Joss Stone as the lead Bond girl. Is there a correlation between Joss’ last name and the title? Who knows.

The game will be a third-person shooter with driving parts (a Bizarre staple) and the screens that have come out look pretty good. The game will be released by Activision later this year.

Source: Colony of Gamers

Multiple Oddworld Games Coming

Well, we thought the Oddworld games were done and over with, but UK developer Just Add Water announced this week that they have been working on multiple games in the Oddworld universe and more news should be coming soon. This is fantastic news and for those that never played the last game Stranger’s Wrath, go out and play it. It is last generation (and Xbox only unfortunately), but it was a really good game.

Source: Colony of Gamers

RIP 1 vs. 100

Sad news this week as Microsoft announced that the popular 1 vs. 100 game has been canceled. No reason was really given why and personally I’m quite sad since my wife and I played it together all the time through the beta and in Seasons 1 and 2. Hopefully there will be more game show games in the future, but that is not looking very bright.

Source: Colony of Gamers

Double Fine Working on 4 Smaller Games

Along with Tim Schafer ripping Bobby Kotick (CEO of Activision) for being a dick and then easing back on that later saying he thought the mic was off, there was better news for Double Fine. First off there won’t be a Brutal Legend II, so that’s kind of sad, but the leaders on that game have split off and are creating 4 separate smaller games. Some of these will be downloadable and some will be full retail releases according to Schafer. He is not leading any of them and not sure if he has his hands in any of them either. Hope to hear soon.

Source: Joystiq

Nothing New in Week Ahead of StarCraft II Release

Wow, the release of StarCraft II a week from now seems to have cleared off the release calendar for this week. Seriously, there are no real games out this week unless there are downloadable ones on XBLA and PSN. Crazy!

Source: me